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This isn't an article, it may not even be a blog post, nor a poem. It's simply my own words, opinions, thoughts and crazy ass ideas that are bottling up in my mind. I feel like the female version Kayne... Is that even allowed to be said? Will I get shit for writing that comment? Ah well, fuck it.

It's the 21st century, the life were millennial's my age, (fuck I'm an adult now - 26 aka my parents where married by my age, careers sorted, life sorted, one kid on the way, ahhh the older generation), are living out of home, looking for their dream career job (we have that many fucking opportunities and career paths its ridiculous and overwhelming), can't afford rent, can't afford to travel yet we put it at the top of our to-do list, can't afford the lavish life we crave and simply require due to social media flooding our feeds with bougee lives and people who 1. either have sugardaddys/mommys 2. Credit card debt 3. Unlimited money from mommy and dadd. Damn, I'm going on a rant.

Anyway, sorry for those who are reading this. Especially the big HR heads and bosses who use this platform who source their next employer. In this life, we are forced to sell our skills, experiences, qualifications and most of all, our work ethics, all over a piece of paper (computer/laptop/ipad/phone screen). If your resume is shit, then you simply are not an ideal candidate for the role, yet they may have never met you in person, but yet are judging you over the screen. I guess the phrase, judging a book by it's cover is true.

So, as I sit in-front of my laptop screen, in a bougee cafe in London, 200m away from my new flat, sipping on my over priced long macchiato topped up. I stare at my screen, reworking my one of many resumes, trying to apply for jobs in a new country I've just moved too. G'day London.

PS I hope a bomb as boss in London who has an open/creative mindset reads this story and gives me a job. I am good at many things.. P.A, digital marketing, social media, story telling, tv presenting (dream job - but really need to earn an income to survive), retail - over 10 years experience. Thanks, ciao.


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