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Another festival down || LANEWAY 2017

Alrighty guys - anotherrrrr festival blog!

But this time I am going to film a youtube tutorial about my "festival makeup" looks. At every festival I attend - I always get compliments on my makeup. People are always dying to find out how and what products I use to create my look. So in my next blog I'll be posting the video of my latest makeup tutorial looks.

I wanna start doing a few of these and get more into the tutorial and blogging scene of youtube... what do you guys think? comment below to let me know.

Alrightyyyy so going back to St. Jeromes Laneway Festival in Fremantle on Friday 5th Feb... us Pertherians like to call it LANEWAY! I work at General Pants, and have been working for the company for the past two years since I moved back home from America. It's such a sweet gig, I adore fashion so rocking up to work every day for me is like a PARTAY.

Anyway, General Pants collaborated with Laneway Festival this year so we were selling tickets inshore and during the festivals our company dressed all the Australian A-list celebs at the Sydney and Melbourne Festival. And at every venue in every State, staff from GP took over the GP snapchat and posted vids and pics of the day!

I was lucky enough to get featured on General Pants blog for "GP Crew Challenge" - We had to come up with an outfit that we would potentially wear to the festival AND answer a few questions.

Heres the blog post:


The lineup on the day was DOPE once again - but again, my favourite act of the day was definitely Dune Rats and can't forget the very famous WA locals Tame Impala!

Heres the lineup in WA:



I love dressing up and going overboard for every festival because common lets be real?! They don't come around often! So when they do, I go all out.

This year I was again inspired by my favourite instagram MEGA BABE Rowi Singh from Sydney. I tried to paint my face and do glitter and tribal painting just like she does hers.


These are my work babessssssssss who rock rock rock the fashen world! Love them to bits. PS sponsored by Redbull aha.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time laneway.

PS - I've got some exciting news to share... keep your eyes peeled for details.

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