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BLOG | Living in another country - advice

Hey guys,

Six months into living in the States, I've finally filmed another blog. But it's not just any type of's one about living in another country... and what they don't tell you about when making the BIG move; "Adulting" aka the struggles, the ups and downs, the experience, and the endless amounts of opportunities.

I covered a few things below:

Pros |

- Meeting new people, networking and experiencing new opportunities

- Appreciating what one has

- Exposure to different types of food and cultural cuisines

- Exploring one of the biggest cities in the world!


- My apartment!!

Cons |

- Medical insurance

- Rent

- Missing family and close friends

- Wages

- No laundry :(

Another side note; remember to ship over or buy abundant amounts of food that you know you can't get in another country i.e Vegemite, Tim Tams, and Cadbury chocolate (Americans google all three words. You can thank me later).

Lastly, advice for any Australians travelling to the states - where to go, what to do, what to explore and see.

If you want to see any other blogs - my daily routine, where I work, where I go out, my wardrobe, or a day full of adventure (foodie life, exploring the city, shopping) let me know. Leave a comment.


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