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Ok check it.. so I packed up my things, condensed my whole life into two suitcases and moved across the country to live in America! Not just anywhere though, in the BIG apple. New York City baby.

One week down, and the jet lag experience is still real. The time difference actually SUCKS; here in NY we are 12+ hours behind Perth. But thats ok, the experience is worth a few nights sleep.

So I am fortunate enough to be on a J1 working visa, for some of you that don't know, it is a one year working holiday visa. Graduate students can apply for it!

I decided to take up this opportunity once again, because... well, its a once-in-a-lifetime experience (plus it expires one year after graduating from University) and America is one of the most difficult countries to attain a working visa, so I was fortunate get one.

About two years ago, when I lived in America undergoing an exchange program at USF, I met this cool dude called Vadim, born in Romania and raised in Florida, he showed me what FL had to offer, and two years later, we re-connected and this awesome dude is living in NY! Working at one of the biggest media networks in the WORLD - VIACOM aka. MTV! Vadim works in times square, and has been working at Viacom for the past year.

He also has a cool side project going on - a label called "Hemincuff" - co-founder and creative director of the luxury bag label along with Noel, Founder who works amongst the high end fashion industry here in NY.

So its pretty amazing to have friends living in NY who are typical 'NY locals' - not only do they know about the 'touristy' areas - but they go above and beyond and show you the insights, the no-go zone areas of Brooklyn, and give you the 101 tips to live in NY.

I am so lucky and thankful to be staying with Vadim in Brooklyn while I settle in and find an apartment of my own to call home.

A few touristy things I've done so far are:

So we've ventured to Times Square

- Grand Central Station

- Enjoyed a fancy Brunch spot in Greenpoint Brooklyn called Sauvage (delicious)

- Met with my friend David from Perth who too lives in NY - we hit up and Australian owned cafe called "Two Hands" in SOHO (Tribeca)

- A cool Art gallery in SOHO (Nolita) called "we are all immigrants"

- Visited my friend Davids birthday at Grand Soho House (you can only visit the joint if you have a membership or know someone who has one)!

- Ate at a traditional American diner called "Sweet Chics" in Williamsburg

- Enjoyed my first ever Vegan Donuts from Dun-Well donuts in Williamsburg - 222 Montrose av BK

- Shopped around SOHO (Little Italy)

- Went to Vadim's friends house party in Brooklyn, it was going off - and we ventured to the roof top

- Ate the yummiest pizza in Williamsburg at Roberta's Pizza

- Ventured to Vadim's work place, VIACOM in Times Square

- Checked out thrift stores around Brookyln

- Ate my first Chipotle in 2 years

- Drank coffee at Variety Coffee & drank coffee out of test tubes at Walters Roasters in Bushwick

What a fun full-filled week already!

Cant wait to experience more and share with you all.

Happy reading folks. Will keep you updated on potential job opportunities.

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