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MAKEUP - Everything you need to know about it.

Hello beautiful souls!

So today I was feeling super creative and was in my makeup element as I brought a few new products, so I thought, why not do a makeup tutorial! A one-by-one step on how to do makeup, highlighting, and what products I believe are best used.

Please note - this is my own personal opinion about products I currently use.

Enjoy reading and hopefully down the near future track, I can start doing video makeup tutorials.

Stay in the loop with the crazy things I get up too throughout my every day life - work, uni, special events, travels, collaborations, and new cafe finds through snapchat - carinamirabile.

SO! If you want to achieve definition in certain areas, an eccentric but smooth eyebrow shape, and a long lasting coverage... follow the guide below and you'll looking like a glammed doll within minutes :)


Apply all your coats and base:

Use your primer to create a long lasting coverage - I used AIRBORNE skin primer.

Than use concealer under your eyes - I use MAC Pro Longer Concealer in NW25

Start off using your brush for your first layer of foundation - I use NARS Stromboli Sheer Glow medium 3 coverage.

To compact all the foundation its time for powder - I use MAC but lately I've been using NUDE BY NATURE Tan which is legit exact same coverage and style but two times cheaper than MAC.

My fav step is the bronzer / blush - I use NAPOLEON Blush Patrol the pink/bronze one! This his my baby - literally is my heart and soul. I use it everywhere! Apply on cheek bones, do a kiss face, also apply the brush (that has the product on already) under your neck and above your eyebrows around your forehead.

Apply your eyeshadow:

Use NAKED URBAN DECAY 3 > you can buy the product HERE - The light pink shade for the base - Place all over eye lid bottom and top.

Use the brown (very last colour on the far right) - place that with a sharp brush under your bottom lash and flick up on an angle towards your eyebrow.

Use a gold palate for the middle lid and blend in to the pink shade.



MAC Soft & Gentle A25 Mineralise Skin Finish highlighting > BUY IT HERE.

This beauty works wonders. I apply it right under my bottom lash on my cheek bone but above the blush of course.


I just brought this new product of ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil CAMILLE/SAND for $42 AUS dollars - You can purchase the product online from HERE: or you can head to HAIR HOUSE WARE HOUSE in Perth to purchase it.

It is beautiful - has glitter on one side and plain nude / baby pink on the other.

Apply the product right under neath the eyebrow from the arch to the other side - do this before you fill in your eyebrows.


EYEBROWS! MY FAV TIME - I TAKE SO MUCH PRIDE AND JOY INTO DOING MY EYEBROWS (can't you tell through my over excited capital letters!) - because lets face it, eyebrows make or break a gal. They need to be filled in correctly, and first mostly they need to be the RIGHT shade for YOU!

This NAPOLEON PERDIA Wand-er Brow in Brunette Beauty is the best investment piece I've ever brought! I paid $29 AUS for it - but its SO WORTH IT > BUY IT HERE. It has a brush on the edge which is great for giving shape, and to fill in any gaps in the brow.

Pretty simple - start from the bottom of the brow closest to the inside of your nose - work your way out towards your hair line.



So the final touches - I just got eye lash extensions and boy I adore them so much. Easy to maintain, only took an hour to get them done - and they only set me back $80 Aus. If you choose the option of getting lash extensions - you don't need to ever use mascara, or eye liner really.

I guess its your own decision - but I chose to get them done so its quicker and easier to get ready in the morning before work as I won't have to do much at ALL. Just try not to wet them. And brush them every day.

I got my lashes done by FABULIST EYELASH EXTENSIONS in Innaloo, Perth. You can find her Facebook page HERE.



Since I am OBSESSED w/ KING Kylie Jenner - I use her lip products and the MAC lip products she uses *apparently*.

For lip liner I use MAC WHIRL and lipstick I use MAC VELVET TEDDY Matte VOL 37. I had my lips plumped a few months ago - I only got 0.5mL done. I would highly recommend it, only paid $250, and Bramis Rejuvenation Clinic FOUND HERE:

Hope you guys enjoy the end product and hopefully you found this semi helpful.


Carina x

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