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Summer X Salt Markets

Hello human beings of the world!

Over the weekend The Sandswell Movement collaboration with Clean Coast Collective teed-up with Scarborough Brighton Beach to create a summer event full of fun - the SUMMER X SALT MARKETS!!!

My friends Steph, Dee, Brianna, Jess and I didnt want to miss out on the fun so we managed to head down and to check out what all the fuss was about.

The vibe was so dope - the weather was beautiful, sunny and the smell of salt in the air was sensational. The atmosphere was poppin' - the strip of restuarants and cafes where full to the brim, the local shopping centre carpark was packed, and exotic, beach godess, surfy-chilled people walking from all different locations. The smell of Margaret River, Dunsborough and Yallinyup down south folks were in the air..

Why did we head to the markets?

Personally, I am a big believer in supporting small local business' and supporting peoples creative side... Stalls down at the markets where full of culture, passion and good vibes - from the people selling their pieces they hand make, to the organic, sustainability locally sourced products.

I thrive of finding new hang out spots, and exploring new activities around West Aus - so theres nothing more perfect about waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning - to head down to the coast, check out some creative stalls, listen to the good tunes, check out the yoga scene, drink yummy coffee, buy a few hand made gems, and enjoy good company with great friends.

A few things we found on the day:

// local and/or sustainable surf & salty lifestyle products/ stalls // // local surf/ ocean artisans, designers & creators // // shapers bay with local surfboard shapers // // local ocean conservation & surf for social good orgs // // talks & stories on the issue of marine debris // // delicious food trucks // // coffee & juice carts// // local salty musicians //

Here are some snaps I got on the day!

Pictured above: Eau De Coco from Dunsborough

Pictured above: Gypsy jewels stall & found on Stephs ankles- made by LunarseaDesigns

Pictured above: Indian boho stall - antique and hand made Indian creations

Overall it was such a magical day and great to experience it with my best gal pals! The next Summer X Salt markets will be held Saturday March 19th 9am-1pm @ Brighton Beach. Visit for more info...

~ Love from your fellow salty tribe x ~

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