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St. Jerome's Laneway 2016 Trends & Festival Tips

Hello lovely humans!

So over the weekend I attended St. Jerome Laneway Festival in Fremantle, and I think it's safe to say that 4 days later - I am still paying for my terrible hangover and ringing ears! Laneway thanks for the FAB memories, you were totally worth every minute of it.

A few of my fav acts I got to see where:

-FLUMEEEEEEEEE was the closing headline, he was bombed!




-Purity Ring

-What so not

...Safe to say I felt like a Gypsy Princess in my Boho modernised outfit:

I have been doing alot of research about 'what styles are recently trending' when it comes to festivals. Events from all around the world starting with Coachella, Splendar in the Grass, Falls festival, Tomorrowland and GTM... but I find hash tagging festivals for referencing is always a winner. The dopest trends and fashionable pics people post is so helpful (I'd highly recommend to do that for your next festi outfit.)

The fashion I've come across on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram (and my own experiences with previous festivals over seas) have given me the ability to go the next step (regarding Fasheeeen)!

My biggest Instagram influencer right now is Rowi Singh! She is a Sydney based fashionista! She has the best style and knows how to rock the whole gyspy indian shiek look! Her makeup is always on point - and her fashion sense is out of this world! Give her a stalk ;)

Anywho, here is a list of trendy/fashen inspired pics I came across via Instagram:

My favourite part about Festivals is all the little hidden gems included on the day that you get to explore and surround yourself with! Laneway had a bunch of stalls set up (saaah cute)! Head Studio and Uncle Joes Barber located in the heart of Perth City on King Street had a stall setup (the colourful teepee in the above picture) - doing heaps of glitter pieces, hair braids and much more. Girl next door had a nail parlor stall set up at the festival too! - (I got my nails done by Lauren on friday in her little salon located inside eclectic Ladyland clothing store in Freo).

~☽ ☼ WE LOVE LANEWAY ☼☽~ So here are pics of me and my fweeeends on the day:

Happy Reading!

Until next time Laneway x

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