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Trying something new… || organic, green, and healthy

Calling all Organic/Vegan friendly lovers out there. Have you heard of the latest concept Organic fruit and veg store and cafe spot North the River?

It’s called Dunn & Walton… located 8/257 Scarborough Beach Rd, Doubleview!

This joint is such an intelligent concept – now, it’s the 21st century and the latest trend is to be suppppper Hollywood style healthy and eat real organic and green. There is nothing wrong with that at all, in fact I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and tend to eat super healthy.

But I read in a recent article about eating healthy, organic and green.. is it a fad or has it been around for years? The article also includes top 20 best/healthiest foods trending right now… give it a read below:

Anyway, health cafes and gyms are popping up around town more than ever right now – and it shows that more and more of the population of Perth, or the World on a larger scale , are looking after their bodies, not just the outside, but the inside to..

Back to Dunn & Walton – when I got back from the States recently, my girlfriend told me about this joint and said we HAD to check it out, (she also is into making her own probiotic drinks called Kombucha and water Kefir using good bacterias that are off but are constantly growing?? weird huh lol – google it). So being the person that I am, and love trying new and different social places. We went – we did a little grocery health shop, brought some over priced chia seeds, and sipped on a soy organic long mac topped up.

The coffee was super healthy, so didn’t taste the best – but overall the concept was so so so cute, and I felt I was in my happy element to get all hipster-ery and start eating off the Earth more regularly. I know I’ll be back for sure.

What do you guys think of it all? is this just another fad, or trend?

Heres the joints website below:

Happy reading,

Carina x

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