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Cali Livin'

Yep! you did indeed read the heading correctly... and why Hello sunny west coast!

What even is life? Is this real?

Shi**** just got real, I am seriously so blessed.

Keep reading, and you'll find out what happens next...

So, as you know, time goes soooooo fast when your having fun, and thats exactly what happened when travelling around the States and Canada with my parents. Our very last stop of the big USA trip was beautiful California, and it was coming to an end quick.

Before I decided to live in the States and study - from day one I set a goal that I wanted to do an Internship over the Summer (june and july) - FYI its what most College students that study in the States do over summer break. Applying endlessly online and not hearing back from any of them, I was starting to give up. But for some random reason, my persistance kept me going. I managed to arrange an Interview with Mannfolk Pulic Relathions Agency in LA back in May when I travelled to Cali with my room mate once College finished for the semester.

Turns out PR is right down my alley - I had the interview, met all the staff, and I got the internship! Along with 2 other fab interns.

So now it was just apartment hunting whilst my parents where in LA with me! I legit looked everywhere on craigslist, online, and on college websites to find a sublease or an apartment to live in for a short term! No luck at all and by this time I was over it, and was ready to come home with my parents.

The night before my parents left to head home, first week of june, we managed to find an apartment complex downtown LA at the Lorenzo student apartment complex near USC! I subleased of a girl and I moved in straight away!


Legit, the dopest experience of my life!

My new room mates, Elyse and Caitlyn where such beautiful souls, Elyse is studying script writing @ USC, and Caitlyn is studying acting/dancing @ Reality school Los Angeles. They are so talented, creative and just awesome girls in general, they made me feel at home allowing me to use their appliances and pretty much all their shit in the apartment haha! We all undertook an internship during the summer around the same time, so we were super busy with work! but we managed to have fun and party still and also explore what LA has to offer!

Managing to tick off all the touristy things that LA has to offer on my list seemed impossible at first - but I managed!

- I hiked the runon canyon

- Visited Santa Pier, Muscle beach and Venice Beach

- Malibu where all the hipster kids are at

- Shopped down Beverly Blvd and Melrose ave

- Found hell quirky bars and cafes

- Managed to go to the regular frat party everrrrrry friday night

- Headed to sunset blvd (clubbing strip of LA and Hollywood) every saturday night

- Enjoyed the wrap up filming of the show - BET Awards post show

- Visited Sunken City an hour out of LA!

- Enjoyed 4th July at Huntington Beach and the fire works

- Experienced partying with Chris Brown at Supper Club

- 1OAK (most famous nightclub known in LA)

- Warwick nightclub

- Sur & Pump bar (Lisa Vanderpump from real housewives of beverly hills)

- Dash boutique (Keeping up with the Kardashians) and managed to get filmed on their first season of DD.

- Wrap up of BET Awards TV show

Fashion and beauty Intern based:

- Went to a bunch of the Rachel Zoe events and sun downers

- Like Dreams amazon online blogger event launch (one of our clients at Mannfolk agency)

- Hit up the LA Fashion market downtown (Cooper space building)

And much much more but I cant remember right now haha!

I met so many amazing souls in LA - so many people where warming, open hearted and super inviting. Not to mention, I met a bunch of awesome people at Lorenzo who are regular students and full time cali livin ppl. (Dory, Rachelle, Jassmine, ABBEYYYY my malibu babe, Crystal my PR intern, and many more great people) that i'll call family for a lifetime.

I left my heart in Cali, and I will be back next year forsure.


Carina x

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