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Goodbye sunny Florida and Hello travels!

What a hectic few weeks I have had lately!

I finished off the semester with a BANG! Finished my finals and managed to fly out of town straight away to LA with my room mate Alex! We explored LA from head to toe, did many touristy things AND went to Wango Tango which was KISS FMs event - with atleast 12 artists performing; a few like Tori Kelly, Jason Durulo, Natalie Larossa, Sia, Justin Bieber, and KAYNEEEE closed the show!

We met some crazy ass people - just to name a few; met the rapper Kevin Gates @ kitchen 24 (popular joint that celebs and famous people hang out after a big night to get a big dirty feed haha), that was a fun night, OH and got in a scene of the Kardashians new reality show on E news called Dash Dolls - we where in their store on melrose ave, having to sign waiver forms and we managed to get filmed. THEN, the producer got our number and we went for drinks with him after haha was so random but such a fun night!

Well the amazing week went by way to quickly, and before Alex and I knew it we where back in Trampa Bay haha.

It was my last week at USF aka T(R)ampa Bay - and many of the exchange students where parting ways and going back to their home countries. I said bye to a brilliant bunch of people that I met along the journey of this crazy rollercoster ride, so it was sad to say bye, but I know ill be seeing them all very soon.

BUT with exciting news - my parents where days away from visitng! They arrived in Tampa from Hawaii, and I managed to show them the "College" lifestyle in the 3 days they where with me! It was great to show them where I was living for the past 6 months! I showed them St.Petes (an hour drive south west), and Ybor City (popular strip in Tampa known for cafes, local bars and awesome shops)!

They packed me up at the Venue complex and after sending 50 pounds of luggage back home ($600 dollars bloody later!!) - I said bye to my incredible room mates, and we left TAMPA BAY :(


Our first stop - NEW YORRRRK, was fab - we managed to hit up a few well known restuarants around town, we hopped on and off the red double story bus, did a horse cart ride around central park, and we managed to hit up a street food style event on the sunday around Soho! then we made our way to Niagra Falls.... DRIVING!!! and before we knew it, it was my 22nd birthday!!! We managed to cross over to Canada for that, and stayed in Torronto that night - we had a delish buffet for my birthday.

We left for OHIO.... seeing the realllll country side that the US has to offer - we stayed with family friends for a week, it was relaxing and good to eat home made food. They managed to take is to a pretencious well known College in Indiana, Notre Dame. It was spectacular, I was memorised and wishing I had a chance to study there haha.

Next stop... LAS VEGAS! Shit this was fun, we stayed at the stunning Vanetian hotel, was HUGE AND SO STUNNING! Felt like a star haha. We did a wonderful helicopter tour around the Grand Canyon, and we managed to see two shows in VIVA LAS VEGAS!- the first being Australians very own Human Nature, and the Vegas Show!

Dad wanted the real deal in terms of car, he didn't want no corolla or yarris haha he upgraded to the Mustang convertable... .wait what!??! The only problem was, how the eff do we fit 4 luggages in this tiny little car? Well, we managed, with the roof down ofcourse haha. Our jounrey begain, and we drove from Las Vegas - straight to LA!! It was an adventure and a half, getting to witness the outback and legit endless miles of desert.

Once getting to LA - we stayed at the very beautiful hotel, Mr C.s Beverly Hills - we had our own cheuffer and all! Was crazy. The first night we got there - we had to get a taste of what LA has to offer, (and due to stalking instagram the night before) I managed to see that Selena Gomez went to a well known restuarant, Mr. Chows asian, it was wonderful and so delish! We managed to meet a very well known socialite - turns out he is BIG around Beverly Hills - and he loved the fact that we are Italians and from Australia. He payed for our whole meal and we were shocked!! We ate at Urth Caffe on melrose ave, and at the very famous Sur by Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So my time had come to an end with my parents, and again we where yet to part ways - I made a last minute decision to stay on in LA for just over 2 months and complete an Internship at Mannfolk Public Relations Agency over the summer. But I'll explain that in my next post. Bye for now! Carina x

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