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Hotline Bling by Drizzy Drake ft. Facebook newsfeed


So I am sure my readers out their don’t go astray keeping up to date with whats happening in the media. But for those of you who find this post a bit bazaar, please, let me elaborate more… Drakes new song, Hotline Bling pretty much is trending #1 world wide on the radio, and I’m pretty sure it’ll make history for the most ‘mocked’ film clip of all times.

The film clip for his single hit our computer screens not even a week ago, and yet its already had nearly 4 mill hits, (check out his clip below). But that’s not the only thing thats gotten hits!! It seems that everyone is taking the piss out of his film clip making funny memes haha.

Heres a few comments that the film clip got on his VEVO page:

1. Ann Le {Anneorshine} 3 hours ago

"The best part about this video is the Vines and the Memes that it gave birth to. Gold, pure gold."

2. EARLCUDIFAN 4 hours ago

"If you stand in front of a mirror at midnight and say your Ex’s name 3 times Drake shows up and cries with you"

3. Come.At.Me.Bro.4 hours ago

"His dancing is exactly what dancing should be! Not caring at all and just letting go."

4. Ultra Gamer2 hours ago

"Drake the type nigga to pick up a bruised apple and say who did this to you."

HAHA the comments are endless! So hilarious.

All I know is – my Facebook feed is blowing up, and I constantly keep getting tagged in memes haha. Even Mike Tyson tried singing his song on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night haha massive fail.

Is everyone taking the piss out of his dance moves? or the fact that this video clip was poorly produced? What was his team thinking? Creating controversy so it gets more publicity? Or is Drake being serious with those dance moves. Either way, his won me over. I’ll dance like that with Drake in a nightclub ANNNYYYYYYYY day.

Check out some of the funniest ones I’ve come across.

Well I know one thing forsure – this song and film clip defiantly has sparked up conversations and EVERYONES talking about it!

Good on you Drake and your bloody intelligent marketing team behind you.

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