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Carina Mirabile // DREAM BIG EXPO

The DREAM BIG EXPO is a one-of-a-kind event that lets you see, touch, feel and experience what it means to DREAM BIG not once – not twice but many, many times over one amazing weekend. It's a new event based around cars, restorations, tools, tech, and toys. 

Guests had the opportunity to meet US TV stars and very special guests, Rick and Kelly – as seen on History Channel’s ‘American Restoration’ + ‘Pawn Stars’.

I had the opportunity to Co Host the event and work along side Karl Langdon (sports commentator and radio personality - 6PR's sports program Sports Today). 
I Presented (ad-lib) live crossovers to the main stage broadcasted to Facebook LIVE during the two day event including interviewing: DBE Exhibitors, Sponsors and Celebrities whilst working with the production / sound audio team.


Check out the links below to view the interviews that went on over the weekend.


Facebook live crossover exhibitor interview: WATCH

Facebook live crossover afternoon interview: WATCH

Interview with Priolo Motorsport: WATCH

Free-walking around event ad-libbing: WATCH

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